About coaching

Well, what does coaching mean? Numerous definitions and schematic answers are known, including the exact definition of what the difference is between coaching, therapy, counselling and training.

I think the most useful is here if I tell you what I mean by coaching.

Primarily it’s an open and honest partnership, where coach and client are equal. We meet and work together for the purpose that you become able to use your own perceptions and resources more productively and in a more committed way. All these enhance your self-confidence and self-awareness both in your decisions and actions.

I see the equality between the two sides, and every day I experience it, hence as a coach I also do learn from you. I learn about the other person and I learn about myself, about my own situation and questions.

It’s wonderful also for me to experience and see your own learning, transformation and realization of the resources within you.

Coaching is not a therapy, it focuses not on the past processes, but building on the present focuses on the future aims (could only touch the past). Mental problems are not related to coaching.

A coach does not give advice, and does not give training to its customers. The coach helps the client to find their own resources and solutions, and if required, also supports the goal being drafted. In a metaphorical way of example, if a person wants to bake a cake, then the advisor offers three recipes, the trainer will show you how to prepare it, while the coach asks you what kind of cake you like and what is your purpose in baking.

I do my job following the ethical guidelines and standards of ICF (International Coach Federation).

A coaching process with me generally consists of 5-8 occasions. Each process starts with a free initial encounter to jointly assess needs, agree on the framework, and on the schedule, the number of sessions which would support the most our specified target.

At the end of the process you become separated, so that you are able to continue your journey alone.