I’m Katalin Delzsényi. Coach.

In 1996 I obtained my degree at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences. Later I attended the department of Arts, Culture and Design Manager at the University of Applied Arts. I spent nearly 20 years in multinational companies, although I had the opportunity to experience the operation of smaller private firms as well. I worked in finance and HR areas. Most of the time I dealt with marketing management as a leader in multicultural environment.

Due to my work I have lived abroad for nearly 3 years in Italy and Germany. I visited Europe, and I went to Asia. I created and nursed working relationships in more than 30 countries, with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Many of these transformed into a friendly relationship.

I was always a sensitive person who paid attention and noticed reaching stimuli, impressions, and also the effects triggered by my behaviour. Trying to decipher and interpret the implications and impact. I learned a lot from my crisis situations and failures.

Later I acquired openness as well aside my sensitivity.

I started to work consciously with self-knowledge and self-development more than 10 years ago. Today, much has changed in my attitude to things, my motivation, shortly speaking my outlook on life. Indeed, I became happier, more balanced and a more confident person.

I owe a lot to the friendly and professional assistance received from outside people, especially in the first step(s) doing so. And of course to my own strength, to trainings, courses, to the attendance of lectures, to the discussions with a psychologist in self-reading, to literatures and to physical exercises. Today, of course, I use the help of a coach as well.

I believe in the holistic approach. Besides the mind and soul I give the same importance to the personal care and development of the body.

This accumulated professional and life experience, knowledge and fantastic substance material is what I can use in my coaching and support of my clients in personal and professional doubts and jams.

The biggest factor in my success is that I have experienced the depths of myself, and I turn to my clients and my environment with sophisticated, clean and honest intentions – which is often hard and difficult.