Additional services


Coaching tasting

Before our first session within the framework of individual coaching sessions, I offer a free tasting. This ensures that you know what to take, what you want to do.

As well I can get to know you. I can measure and feel if hopefully I could help you and if we inspire each other mutually.

Thereby we create the first step of engagement, which is essential for our successful work.

Follow up

I use the follow-up both for the scheduled individual coaching and the group/ team coaching, of course, not mandatory. In each case the clients decide whether there is a need for a follow-up meeting after the closure of the process in 2/3 months time.

There were several clients, who didn’t ask for the follow up because “Thank you, all right.”

Tests and assessments

Upon request, a personality profile test and a 360 ° survey also employed for the preparation of coaching process.