Coaching services

Before our first session within the framework of individual coaching sessions, I offer a free tasting. This ensures that you know what to take, what you want to do.

As well I can get to know you. I can measure and feel if hopefully I could help you and if we inspire each other mutually.

Thereby we create the first step of engagement, which is essential for our successful work.

Individual coaching

I hold individual coaching sessions for private persons (life coaching), as well as for company employees, like managers and senior managers (business and executive coaching).

Basically it’s offered in three different forms:

  • Scheduled individual coaching sessions include 6-8-10 occasions, 1.5 hours of each, usually in two or maximum three-week interval.
    Often the customer feels the urge to solve the problem, in such cases the first two (maximum three) meetings are held at 1-week intervals.
    So – depending on the frequency of encounters – we work together for a total of 10-30 weeks, depending on the time you need to find your answers and solutions.
  • Individual coaching days (intensive) can be very effective to start a scheduled individual coaching process, as well as to customers with whom we have previously worked together, and now again in need of my help. This form is also effective with senior managers (executive coaching), who have no time to be squeezed in for a scheduled individual coaching process, and who are able to work with a target in such an intense and concentrated way.
    An individual coaching day takes up to 6 hours with necessary breaks included as well.
  • Primarily known and used by companies the so called shadow coaching, which comprises the shadowing and providing feedback to the employee at his/ her workplace. Usually 1-3 times each, 4.5 hours during 2-5 days, which is from 1 to 3 weeks work together.
    Shadow coaching is best used as a preparation for a scheduled individual coaching process.


Group or team coaching

A group or team coaching is mostly used by teams, where the participants know each other or work together directly. A team coaching process is most effective – while working on a common objective – to build and strengthen cooperation, openness and flexibility, self-awareness, empathy and team spirit.

Members of such team coaching process finding new forces and dynamics become capable for amazing new things together.

If possible, the group coaching where participants doesn’t know each other offers even more exciting work than the above-mentioned team coaching. It can be applied both fields of professional and private life. Great courage and openness are assumed, but the most unimaginable result is also guaranteed.


Have you experienced in your business and professional life the moments of a jam or uncertainty?

When it would be nice to get exterior, clear and cool-headed feedback, reactions which can help you to overcome these problems?

Do you believe in the power of thinking together?

You can constantly apply for creating together a group of different professionals, who spend around. 3 months working together, within the framework of 1-2 weeks of regular meetings, which takes 2-3 hours each time.

Everyone brings their own theme, jams, problem, in which seeks their own answers, and is open to let others coming in, to share, to listen and to give to others.

The themes will be worked out together with my coaching support and we help each other’s development professionally and humanly as well.

Do you want to become more open and conscious? To know better yourself and your possibilities? To feel better in your skin, and so truly to live a more successful, happier and more fulfilling life? Your own life?

If you are open to join such a group, email me to the address of or call the number +36 30 5600 583.


A basic requirement of a group/ team coaching is the common definition of the framework of our cooperation. The key elements of this in my opinion are:

  • presence in the here and now
  • trust
  • responsibility
  • co-operation, -processing
  • punctuality
  • the use of my language
  • respect the group’s secrets
  • self-representation
  • and to recognize that all you can take out from the process depends on how much you put in

The group/ team coaching sessions usually take 3 hours in a similar schedule as the scheduled individual coaching sessions: 6-8-10 times, usually in two, maximum three-week schedule.