I believe in humans. The human’s own strength. I believe that everyone can change and evolve.

But you must do it by yourself. Your own strength, own will, own motivation are important. Otherwise, you will fail to succeed.

We, who live and work with you, who support you (including coaches) can follow you on the road with surroundings of that care, questions, inspiring environment, raising your awareness and sincerity, but we cannot do the journey instead of you.

The basic elements of a successful coaching process is the client’s commitment, the will to make the change.

The responsibility of the coach is to be well-prepared and competent. To have sufficient knowledge and tools, and the power of faith, sincerity and candour that customers can be followed along the way. This means continuous learning and self-improvement. The coach is responsible for self-understanding and development.

Coaching, however, is not the only and single tool. It’s not the solution to all problems, it’s not a panacea. Some people prefer counselling, training or need therapy. Because of either the subject or your personality any of these can move you forward quicker and more efficiently.

I believe in the power of coaching, in its future orientation. The fact that you find your own answer, the solution, and so the solution is really yours, the motivation is on the maximum.

Due to the personality of the coaching process it’s important to find the coach who is the best for you. The coach, who – regarding the personality, attitudes and knowledge – is adequate and credible for you.

As a coach I don’t give solutions, but pay attention, give awareness, and confirm. As the ICF (International Coach Federation) terminology says: Every client is creative, resourceful and whole. I believe that, and I work with my clients accordingly.

My goal as a coach is that clients do not only find, formulate and reach their goal(s), but I also help you in reaching a real transformation, a real change.