Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching


„What got you here won’t get you there.” – Marshall Goldsmith

In the program of Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching we enable successful leaders to lead / behave more effectively through positive behaviour change that is sustained, recognized and acknowledged by others.

The coaching program was developed by Marshall Goldsmith – one of world’s top business thinkers by Forbes – based on his several years of experience in business consultancy and coaching.

Premier Global Coaching Network:

  • highest quality – Marshall Goldsmith, world’s No. 1 leadership thinker
  • no growth, no pay – guaranteed & measurable leadership growth
  • local coaches – 2,500+ coaches in 200 cities 45 countries
  • uniform process – all certified stakeholder centered coaches

Numerous fortune companies use Stakeholder Centered Coaching for measurable leadership growth: IBM, Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, LG, GE, Coca-Cola, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson&Johnson, Hyett, Syngenta, Ford, ING, Citibank, etc.

The program is simple. The leader works together his/her stakeholders on the defined goal of positive behaviour change following a well-designed 7 steps process of 6-9-12 months.

Stakeholder Centered Coaching is for successful leaders with courage, humility and discipline:

  • Courage (make it about YOU) – get out of the comfort zone, be vulnerable, try new things, rethink deeply held beliefs and do what it takes to change.
  • Humility (make it NOT about YOU) – involve stakeholders on the job, consider their suggestions, admit you aren’t perfect and demonstrate leadership growth.
  • Discipline to implement and hone more effective behaviours / habits / processes.

The major challenge faced by executives today is not understanding the practice of leadership (KNOW HOW) but practicing their understanding of leadership (SHOW HOW). This is where the program gives support assuring continuous growth for the leader and his/her team.

95% of the 11,000 business leaders who have been through our coaching process measurably improved in their leadership effectiveness.

In the end the only thing that counts is leadership growth i.e. leadership (behavior) effectiveness on the job as perceived by stakeholders. Stakeholder Centered Coaching developed by Marshall Goldsmith is a highly effective, transparent, structured and time efficient process that works as follows:

A. Determine 1-2 Leadership Growth Areas Important to the Leader and the Organization

In consultation with the coach, the leader selects 1-2 specific behaviours that are important for his/her leadership growth (e.g. empowerment and decision making). Behavioural interviews and multi-rater leadership assessments (1800 – 3600) are used to determine the aforementioned focus.

B. Leading Change Involving Stakeholders

The leader selects a handful of stakeholders mostly boss(es), direct reports and peers. Throughout the coaching program the leader involves these stakeholders on a monthly basis in the leadership growth process. This creates accountability for the leader to implement the change, as well as accountability for the stakeholders to support and to take part in the change process, which impacts and benefits the leader’s team as a whole.

B1. Involve Stakeholders to Capture Feedforward Suggestions

On a monthly basis the leader asks stakeholders to provide a few practical feedforward suggestions as it relates to his/her leadership growth areas.

B2. Stakeholder-Based Monthly Action Planning

The leader thinks through the feedforward suggestions from the stakeholders and drafts a monthly action plan. During the coaching session the leaders works on skill development and finalizes an action plan which the leader is committed to execute during the next month. After the coaching session the leader responds to the stakeholders informing them about his/her action plan.

B3. Change behaviour and perception through execution on the job

Throughout the month, the leader implements his/her action plan and demonstrates to the stakeholders through his/her actions that (s)he is working to make change visible and become a more effective leader in the two selected leadership growth areas. Implementing change and following up with stakeholders also alters the stakeholders’ perceptions of the leader over time.

C. Perception is Reality: Measure Leadership Growth based on Stakeholders’ Perception

The coach checks in with the stakeholders approximately every quarter via a short internet based survey, to measure the stakeholders’ perceptions on how they see the leader’s effectiveness has been changing in the two leadership growth areas. This Leadership Growth Progress Review is reported back to the leader (and the sponsor) so that (s)he can gauge how his/her leadership change efforts have been perceived by the stakeholders. This survey also plays a key role in guaranteeing and measuring leadership growth for the leader and the organization.


I have 20 years of management experience. I’ve worked as a senior leader for 7 years. Due to my work I have lived abroad for nearly 3 years in Italy and Germany. I visited Europe, and I went to Asia. I created and nursed working relationships in more than 30 countries, with colleagues, customers and suppliers. I collected professional experience from all management field of multinational companies in marketing, organisational development, sales, logistics and quality management, finance and HR.

I have experienced and know what it means working in business in a global environment in a mid-, senior manager position with responsibility.

Besides my ICF qualified business coach diploma with the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching certification I had the opportunity to learn a highly successful coaching program with proven results from all over the world. My coaching expertise is further deepened by basic knowledge of Gestalt therapy and mediation.

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