„I have „eaten” several coaches. It was fate that I always found the right coach. When there is something fumbling that doesn’t let you rest, then Kati allows and helps all to come in its own way. When uncertain sees, then she gently but firmly shepherds me onto the right track in a way that I face it and its how only in a few days later.

I can recommend with a pure heart to everybody that you try with Kati how it’s possible to  feel and experience the effect of honesty – sounding as a cliché – in everyday life, whether it’s work or personal life.”

László Légrádi, Hungary
Service Delivery Director – Iron Mountain

„Kati’s calm and peaceful aura immediately solved the initial tension in me, what I took to the team coaching sessions.
Every time I saw her preparation and that she was actually interested in the conversations with the other party.
She gives 100% attention to her partner, being very ambitious regarding the target set together. She never ignores it and always directs the conversation back into the right riverbed.
Thanks to the joint work with Kati I became more confident, have better self-awareness, which helps me to further develop myself.
I recommend Kati, because I think that she can give something to everyone to benefit from in the future.”

Vilmos Lebovics, Hungary
In-outbound Supervisor – Iron Mountain

„I had reservations and doubts about confidence regarding the group coaching. It was Kati’s flexibility which helped me the most in the process. She was always able to change or be asked to change, and the process worked also in that way, which helped me to become more conscious, more patient and maybe even more disciplined.
I recommend Kati to other groups of people who do not work in the same area. It is not enough to know the other area, the other person must also be recognized.”

Gábor Maruzs, Hungary
Project Manager – Iron Mountain

„On the first meeting trust was a big doubt for me. I did not know how I would go to open, where to draw my boundaries. Frankly speaking, these doubts were dispelled by Kati rather quickly, thanks to her personality, and on the other hand, thanks to her open and sincere attitude.
I loved that we could talk without constraints, in an honest and flexible way.
Our meetings took place in a professional way, prepared and giving attention to everyone.
Even today I’m working on my subject on a daily basis, and also deal with the topics of others. It helped me to realise my deficiencies. I understood that, contrary to my previous faith, I want to know better myself and the others as well.”

Péter Zrupkó, Hungary
Transportation Coordinator – Iron Mountain

„In the beginning, I had doubts regarding the whole group coaching process, because I do not like to “bring together” the private life and work. Later it was dissolved.
In the collaboration with Kati, it was great for me, that it was not strained or tense, I felt compelled.
During our joint work I thought trough things, which I haven’t dealt with consciously, and I had the opportunity to better get to know my colleagues.
I not only would recommend Kati to others, but I have done it.”

Zsuzsa Monek, Hungary
Project Coordinator – Iron Mountain

„At the beginning of the process, I was not sure whether it will be the right way for me to solve the current situation and problems.
During the sessions I did not get direct answers what to do differently. With the support from Kati I found myself the solutions that are the best for me to achieve my goal.
My self-confidence increased, I become more confident and also my self-knowledge improved.
Now I analyze situations more easily and I realize my constraints. So I can change these, which helps me to a better, faster decision making.”

Barbara, Hungary
Business Owner and Leader

“Nowadays, more and more coach training starts, so more and more coaches appear on the market. Maybe it does not need anyone to explain at length why and in what situations, you may want to choose a coach for what purpose. And in this the focus is on the selection. I choose Kati not only because she is an incredibly stylish and elegant woman. But during the work done together it was proved that her precision, readiness, caliber and sensitivity are all reported to me a strong support for being able to successfully overcome the obstacles appeared in my life. The honest and concise questions posed held true mirror in which I had to face myself. However, this is not an easy process never felt alone, always was sure to be supported. Without it, I would have given up quite a few things, or have left them lying under the carpet. Thank you, that we linked together! If I need a coach again, I will visit Kati again!”

Ágnes Simon, Hungary
Marketing Manager

„From the first moment I was caught by the accepting atmosphere that permeated our conversation. So I could easily open up and receive useful methods that were tailored and brought to me to solve my problems. During the sessions I saw myself more clearly. And the sessions were closed being stronger and as a whole person.”

János Dudvai, Hungary

„It was a great experience for me working with Kati.
First, I met a person who was collected, concentrated and soft with subtle vibration at the same time.
Our work under her direction took place effectively and in a good mood.
With her help I successfully started processes that moved me out of stuck of a life situation.”

Andrea Alt, Hungary
Art Manager

„Kati is a balanced, peaceful, trustworthy person who led along our meetings prepared, with understanding, gently and bravely. I constantly felt that my personal development is important for her. She illuminated new aspects of life situations, which I stuck in. Her feedbacks initiated a lot of thoughts in me, some of which I was able to shape into action, and thus I was able to change uncomfortable situations. I recommend her with good heart to others.”

Zsuzsanna Jakab, Hungary
Back Office

„I got to know Kati by a coincidence, but our conversations were conscious, smartly directed. Questions and entries asked during the sessions helped me to understand, to accept and to recognise myself better. Kati created a cosy atmosphere from the very 1st time. We toured and reformulated successfully my jam and stressing thoughts and now I am able to evaluate the smaller stations leading to a bigger goal.
Although only two months have passed since the last session, Kati’s words and questions ringing back often. And also my concerns and the insignificance of my problems generated from these concerns, which came out to the surface from my answers. I feel like I’m on my way and that I’m able to avoid the dead-end branching offs. And if I get stuck on something again, I know what to do to guide myself through the small targets to achieve the grand goal.”

Zsófia Magyar, Hungary

„I have enjoyed working with Kati on numerous complex projects. She is one of the most organised person I know. At ease with the details as well as the big picture, Kati will first deeply understand the problematic and then figure out what is the best way forward. Kati’s contributions have been invaluable to the various organisations I have managed.”

Benjamin Constant, Italy & UK
European Marketing Director & Group Head of Digital – Consumer Division at Coats PLC

„Katalin is full of ideas, competent and professional to comply with international market standards for specific products and design with a strategic business approach, as well leading her team effective and successful.”

Egon A. Freundt, Germany
European Procurement Manager – Consumer Division at Coats PLC

„I worked with Kati for several years and her determination and attention to details were keen in the success of the projects and product launches were worked in Europe. Kati was very organised and this proved to be a major quality as we rationalised some product ranges and moved them from West to East Europe, which resulted in important savings and gains of productivity. Would not only recommend Kati and willing to work with her at any project.”

Jorge Rososchansky, UK
EMEA Finance and Operations Director – Consumer Division at Coats PLC

„I worked in Katalin’s team for almost 4 years and I reported directly to her for 2 years. I was always amazed to see how well she was updated about each little task of the different projects we were working on. I got the independence to manage my tasks and carry on my decisions even if bumped into obstacles. But she always helped when she was asked, not by telling directly what to do to solve the problem but rather giving clues how to approach the problem to find the solution.
She really liked the expression “view the problems from above, like from a helicopter”, meaning that we shouldn’t just jump into trying to solve something but first let’s try to take a few steps back and see the problem in its whole. Then it’s going to be much easier to determine how to start resolving things.
I improved a lot while I was working for Katalin and when life brought me to the US I had the self-confidence that I would be capable working in a new environment.”

Dániel Istvánffy, Hungary
European Product Manager – Consumer Division at Coats PLC

„My cooperation with Katalin goes back for about 10 years.
I was the sales manager of Pronty B.V. in Holland. We were expert in manufacturing soft haberdashery products and Katalin was looking for a supplier who was able to deliver a large program in these articles.
It was a pleasure to work with Katalin and her staff. I was impressed about the professionalism of working and the knowledge of product ranges and languages of her.
Together with her team she managed with success to create a large haberdashery program for Coats.”

Mark Hoffmans, The Netherlands
Sales Manager, Pronty B.V.

“Full responsibility, full reliability, fully independent, willingness for overtime work, flexible. Working well in team, linguistically equipped. In addition to it a good-looking person.”

Milena Rascicova, Czech Republic
Export Director, Koh-I-Noor